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hi i am looking for any advice i have had RA for 32 years so sort of used to it by now i have had car licence taken back and due to having both shoulders replaced i now have very restricted shoulders which means i am unable to steer a mobility scooter the only thing i can handle is a powered wheelchair but i am having difficulty trying to come to terms with this as i can walk short distances feel i should not be in a wheelchair as people will think you are wheelchair bound and that you should not be able to get out of it at the moment my world is up to half a mile with rests in between till i can get there and rest it is a very slow hobble bad knees and hips just wondered if anyone else finds it hard to accept the need for a wheelchair and how to overcome doubts thanks


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    Hi I am just a member like yourself but had to post about myself it might help , I am the same and have given in and use a wheelchair , i had a scooter but it was to painful with my shoulders and neck . I can walk a bit but i have had both knees and one hip replaced , my hip has left me 1 inch shorter on one side so find it hard to walk far as my other hip is on its way out . I didnt like it and thought like you that i should not be in one if i can walk , but i am so much better now i can get about i dont care any more and think we should'nt need to worry what others say .I think you would be so much happier if you could get about . Life is to short ,after 32 years of RA you need to think about yourself . I hope you can convince yourself to have one .............all the best ...jilly x
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    I too am just an ordinary forum member, not a member of the helpline team but I just wanted to endorse all that jilly has said.

    I think everyone feels slightly ridiculous and a bit of a fraud when first sitting in a wheelchair. I know I did and,yes, like you, I was most scared of getting out as I felt others would think I didn't really need it as I could walk.

    That was then. Now, I get in and out without giving it a moment's thought. (Truth be told, no-one is looking anyway. They're all wrapped up in their own lives.) My wheelchair gets me to lots of lovely places I could never go without it. If a wheelchair will open up new avenues for you, please go for it. I'm sure you won't regret it.
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    Hi Gezzas

    I concur with all the above because the most important thing is you, your health and independence. If other people want to make judgements that is their decision. We all do the things we do for a reason i.e. use a wheelchair or scooter etc because we have to, not for fun! If it would help to talk it through with one of us please do give us a call.

    Brest wishes

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    Thanks for your thoughts they have helped me a lot to no I not alone with feeling a fraud think I would be reluctant to get out of wheelchair once in it although i think i will be looking into a powered wheelchair to test drive and see how I feel thanks for your help it very hard psychologically to accept how bad your getting thanks again