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Hi there
I've recently been diagnosed with OA after a year of increasing pain and swelling on both ankles, they told me I have OA in my big toe joints which has bent my feet out of shape and dropped my arches completely. I now have increasing pain in my big toes now and they seem to be swelling up so wearing shoes is getting uncomfortable. I'm getting some insoles specially made as the last ones made me in more pain so hopefully they might help?

I'm going for an MRI in 2 weeks on my spine as they suspect I may have some inflammation on my spine, but I keep telling myself my back pain is probably just due to walking funny with these dodgy feet.

I guess especially from reading other posts on the forum, I'm feeling a bit scared about how my feet are going to degenerate and how quickly that could take. Is there any guidance on that or is it just so different for every person that it is too difficult to say?



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    Hi Chrissie

    I have RA , In my feet so i know how you feel , i have just got new insoles as the ones i has before were Naff .feet are better now , but i still have slight pain , i guess only time will tell .My large toe is going over on its side and getting even closer the the next toe .
    I hope you r new insoles help you , and good luck with the MRI in 2 weeks time , keep us all posted .sorry i haven't been of any help .

    Fowls xx
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    Hi Fowls, I appreciate the reply. I think I was just feeling a bit sorry for myself and scared so I appreciate you replying
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    Dear Chrissiewissie

    Unfortunately as you already know the answer to your question is how long is a piece of string :(

    You never know the insoles may make a huge difference to managing the pain in your feet as may the investigation on your back. In case there is more to this story that you would like to discuss please give us a call. Talking to us may actually help decrease the fear and anxiety you are feeling and as we all know fear and anxiety heightens pain so decreasing it is always a good thing.

    Best Wishes