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Hi, I have had arthritis in my spine for the last 20 years and have had 4 spinal operations in the early years and have lived with pain ever since. Two years ago i developed Non Hodgkins Lymphoma (cancer of the bone marrow) and had to have regular blood transfusions and chemotheraphy. I am now in a position where my bloods are okay and though there are still traces in my bone marrow it hasn't come back yet. You can imagine that it was not a great time but i got through it. Now i have arthritis in my feet especially the big toes and that bone near the big toe and it's bloody painful. The doctor told me to buy wide fit shoes (Clarkes £79) they have made walking a bit easier but sometimes it hurts like hell just standing on my feet. I am allergic to a lot of muscle relaxants so i just have cream to rub on the effected areas and take painkillers (i am under the pain clinic with my back so i have a pain management programme for that) What medication for the feet can i ask my doctor to prescribe and would i possibly need an operation? if i did need an operation i would like it now before the Lymphoma returns as when that happens i would not be allowed any surgery as i would have very little defence agains't infection, right carry on ain't it.
Don't go thinking i feel sorry for myself as i don't but i am sick of being in pain that said you guys are in the same boat so you have my sympathy but i don't know what to do, get the distinct feeling that my doctor is fobbing me off a bit what do you folks think, any advice would be so much appreciated many thanks :?


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    Sending a lot of good wishes your way. Have you seen a podiatrist? I know lots more people on this Forum will have had similar experiences with their feet so you can expect to receive a lot of useful advice. You came to the right place!

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    Hello Cody1 and welcome from me too. You’ve had a lot to contend with there and seem to manage extremely well.

    Mine is RA and I don’t really have spinal problems so can’t help on that score but have had a lot of foot problems ovr the years and I would agree with ShulaArcher that a podiatrist or, better still, an orthotist would be the best person to advise you. I think your GP can refer you though it was my rheumatologist who first referred me.

    I don’t think there are any specific meds for feet, just the usual paindullers. I’ve not had any foot surgery myself but others on here have and I think you may get more replies if you ask on the Living With Arthritis forum.
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    Hello Cody, you've been through an awful lot. I am 50 and have had back pain for many years but my hips started hurting 18 months ago and now I am told I have AS and OT of the spine...x
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    Thanks that's very helpful i really appreciate that, you all take care.

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