Anyone had an Ankle Replacement?

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Hi, I am currently on the waiting list for an ankle replacement and would really love to hear from anyone who has had one! I am 26 so would be particularly interested in the stories of any younger people. The last two years have been a nightmare surgery-wise. I have had surgery to fix a fractured hip, had both hip replacements revised (thankfully these were successful) and had 2 ankle arthroscopys which were both unsuccessful - hence the need for an ankle replacement! It would really help to hear about length of stay in hospital, recovery time, pain etc. I'm really hoping an ankle replacement will work so that I can get on in life as I have been practically housebound since October 2010.

From Helen


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    Hi Helen. It’s good to meet you. You sound to have had a tough two years. I’m not a young person but I just wanted to say that, as I recall, we haven’t had very many ankle replacements on here and I think you might have more luck if you re-post on the Living With Arthritis forum. I remember ‘prefabkid47’ had an ankle replacement in June 2011 and is doing so well we hardly see him these days :roll: You may be able to trace some info from him.

    Housebound is not good and ‘practically housebound’ is not much better. I hope your replacement works well for you.
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    Hi Stickywicket, Thanks for your reply it was very helpful. I have just re-posted my message onto the living with arthritis forum so hopefully I will get some advice from there!
    Thanks again.