Claiming DLA for the 1st time & been rejected.

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I have just had my claim for DLA turned down after waiting 4 months. I would not have applied but my sons consultant told me to. I have had a very stressful year. Alfie has had 3 sets of joint injections including his tendons. I have had so much time off work & really dont know what my next avenue is. Can anyone advice me?


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    Hello, poor you and poor Alfie too. How old is he and how long have his problems been going on? I know that they are clamping down on adult applications but to do so for a child, well, words fail me.

    I know that adults on here who are initially refused appeal (almost as a matter of course) so I think that may be your best move. I have had no experience of this but I know that we often refer people to their local CAB so please contact them soon and I hope they can help. I wish you both well. DD
    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Alfie is 5 years old & has had JIA since he was two. This year has been particulary difficult!
    I am currently getting a referral due to me submitting some new evidence.
    The awful thing about this situation is I was told initially by a top consultant to apply for this & I will not give up now after waiting 4 months for a decision.
    Thank you I am aware of the CAB route & I will be contacting them.
    It's a very grey area & I can't quite work out why some adults/children receive it & others get rejected. It's all very confusing