Working from Home??

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Hi Everyone,

Looking for some advice. I found out in Feb that I have some form of inflammatory arthritis but I don't fit into a specific category. Unfortunately its pretty bad and despite being on 2Dmards and a biological there has been little improvement. Due to this I had to give up work.

I am considering maybe working from home however I have no idea the kind of work you can do from home, how you go about it or anything - any advice would be appreciated. I am a qualified Biomedical Scientist but short of opening a lab in the house that isn't an option!!

I am open to any and all suggestions!!

D x


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    Hi D

    Sorry to hear about your situation. There are so many possibilities for working from home and I think you'll need to consider the skills you have to offer as a starting point. Then, consider what you are physically able to do. You may also perhaps have a hobby or interest that could be expanded to form a business; this could be an opportunity for you to explore another side of yourself.

    I've often looked at websites where people "bid" for a job online, eg People Per Hour. I believe some people, eg those with specialist IT skills, can make a reasonable living from this. However, there are also a lot of people, all over the world, who bid at a very low rate so it needs to be treated with caution.

    You could also consider re-training, again for something which you may already find interesting.

    This is something immensely important in anybody's life and you obviously don't want to make a hasty decision. I wish you all good things and enjoy the opportunities.

    I've also had to resign from my job due to my very painful hands, caused by osteoarthritis, but aiming to be positive every day.

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    I actually work from home now, its not a mind blowing job but it pays the bills, I am a chat moderator at a bingo site, not the sort of thing I had in mind after graduating uni but its fun and I have been doing it for nearly 8 years now.

    Having said that, the sitting at a computer for hours on end has taken its toll and the dr has suggested I cut back, so I have cut back as much as I can but being a zero hour contract it is hard as I need to make sure I do enough hours to be able to live as I am on no benefits at all, and the job does not pay sick pay.

    Have you thought of proof reading in your specialist subject?

    Flutterbi x
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    I am sorry to hear of your situation, and I think working from home can be a perfect solution. If you have a science background, you can do a lot of writing, editing, proof reading or summarizing online. The trick is to find a legitimate employer who will pay you well for your brain power. I am currently using for that type of work. The beauty of it is that you can work at your own pace, if you have a bad day you don't have to work at all if you have a good day, you can put a good days work in. Sitting at a desk or computer all day is not the best for your condition to be sure, but if you have a laptop or a tablet you could do a lot of work like reading in a comfy recliner chair or even laying down. The beauty of working online at home is you can control how much, how long and what you do. This may take some time to establish yourself, but I do believe it would be worth it to yourself and your future. Hope this helps and Good Luck!!