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I recently had my ankle and both knees x-rayed due to the pain becoming very much more intense suddenly.

I have had painful knees, back and neck for a number of years and had always kept walking as I thought this would help.

Suddenly my knees and other places have got aggressively worse.

I stepped off the footpath a few weeks ago and felt my knee crunch deep inside and something moved, I had to get a taxi home as I could no longer walk.

Walking downstairs another day my other knee gave way under me, as I know my knees are strange I was already holding the bannister so did not fall.

I imagine that is one of the things shown up in the x-ray, I have a GP appointment in Dec to discuss the x-rays.

What is troubling me is that the pain has increased so suddenly and there seems to be no way to know when it will stop getting worse, I plan to ask for physio for most of my joints as everything hurts, new places too.

It seems to be OA but I do get extreme heat in my knees and other joints but all blood tests were normal.
Thye heat is worrying me, is it the body defending itself against the grinding?

Other then physio and pain relief (not keen on meds prefer to try acupuncture first although meds are looking very tempting if this continues) is there anything else that can be done.

When at the GPs asking for x-rays on ankle and knees I also asked for x-rays on fingers and other places as they hurt too but he said , "no, you will have too many, not good for you."

So pain but no x-rays is that ok to have physio without x-rays on very painful parts?

I also am extremely tired, I had to have a sleep today and set the alarm before the children come home, the house is a total mess, no energy too much pain and even thinking is difficult most days.

Sorry so long.

Advice gratefully appreciated.
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    Dear Power on,

    Thank you for your post to Helplines. NHS physios would suggest any further investigations if they felt they might be needed, but may well be happy to start offering self management tips and guidance. With OA strengthening exercise and weight loss (if necessary) are key points to start on.

    If joints are noisy and sore then it's entirely understandable that you may feel concerned, but the research shows that keeping moving is protective. Stronger muscles can protect against the joint giving way.

    But right now sounds a really difficult time for you. Taking enough pain medication to get you through the acute period may be unavoidable, but if the pain is better managed the physio part of things will be easier. If you'd like some informal support, do ring us as that's what we are here for. I hope the other folk on the forum will chip in and give you some tlc too.

    Take care and ring if you'd like