Help! Going for an assessment with atos re benefits advice p

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Just got a letter requesting me to attend a medical assessment
Has any one had one & what does it entail?
At present Im feeling really angry what is the point in filling all the forms in then for them to say I need an assessment why not do it straight away then i would not be still waiting for money to come through
Luckily for me my husband works full time so bills are paid & we are able to reduce the mortgage but it means we will be paying it longer The letter tells me how to get there need to walk a fair distance to the bus stop then take 3 buses to get there & they want me to be there at 08.40!!
Thank goodness my husband can take me! otherwise id never get there my 1st stumblimg block is walking to bus stop I cant walk that far it takes me half an hour on a good day :roll:
Thank you for reading my post


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    Hello Maria

    There is another recent, very lengthy thread on the forum about completing the forms for ATOS, etc. I think you'll find it if you use Search at the top of the forum. I had an ATOS assessment recently and I'm waiting for the result. It is important that you let the assessor know how difficult it was for you to get to the assessment. This can form part of the assessment.

    It's very much a case of Keep Calm and Get Through It.

    Hope it all goes well for you.