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Hi I was 60yrs old in August. 2008 i was diagnosed with Cervical Spondylosis and Osteo Arthritis,this week i have also been told i have Fibromyalgia.Up until September 2009 i had a good job working 12hr shifts in a CCTV control room having worked there for 10yrs i was devestated when i had to finish. My conditions have now spread through my body and i suffer constant pain.I am also due to go into hospital after New Year to have surgery on both my legs to have my veins stripped due to constant problems with my circulation.Since September 2009 my doctor has given me follow on sick notes the last one for 26 wks takes me up until March 2013.Although i had been claiming ESA as i am on full Mobility and lower rate Disability they stopped my ESA at end of May following a medical they said i was fit for work. I have worked all my life and reared three children.I appealed the decision and it was adjourned on 29 May for medical reports then it was adjourned again twice after as the DWP forgot to supply papers at the Judges request,now again the Judge has said I am capable of work.I have now appealed to the next stage and again will wait to see if they allow this appeal.So fed up seems no one gives persons such as us any sympathy or consideration for the fact that our lives have just been halted. CCTV.


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    There are many people on here saying much the same thing, cctv. And many charities are saying it too. Life is very tough these days if one has an incurable disease. I'm not very good on the benefits thing but I do know that most seem to enlist the aid of CAB, especially when things go to appeal. That might be a route you could try. I suggest you re-post on Living With Arthritis where more people will see your thread.
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    Welcome to the forums from me too CCTV

    It is horrible to feel so powerless. It does sometimes feel as though the easy targets are chosen when it comes to saving money :roll:

    Some on here have had luck as SW says using DIAL or CAB and one or two hav engaged the support of their local MP :?


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