Hospital appointment today

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I have my review appointment today with the consultant who did my hip manipulation, arthrogram and injection 4 weeks ago. I am still in pain, with marked weakness on same side. I am nervous about what he will say, but Mr NB is coming with me for moral support this time.
I will be mentioning that I am disappointed about the post op advice I `wasn`t ` given.
I have also now lost nearly 1 and a half stones since I saw his registrar in clinic in October, which I hoped would improve my hips , but not yet!!
I will update you later x


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    Good luck NB I hope your appointment goes well

    Love Juliepf x
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    good luck
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    Goodl luck NB hope all goes well xx
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    Good luck NB hope it goes well.Mig
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    Good for you NB, take a list then you dont forget anything, I do hope the appointment goes well for you, and they can do something about the pain you are in, please let us know how you get on xx
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    Hi NB

    Good luck with your appointment today. I shall be thinking of you.
    Karen xx
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    really hope that the appointment goes well hun
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    Good Luck , hope have a positive appt x
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    Hi everyone
    Thanks for your support x
    Unfortunately the consultant was not in clinic, although I had been told he would be today :roll: So I saw the registrar again.
    I told him about my continued and increased pain and the weakness, and he was disappointed that the injection hadn`t worked. It should have worked quite soon afterwards. He asked about my back and SI joint which also are sore, and he examined my back, legs and tested my nerve routes for any altered sensation. My SI joint is very tender and I have noticed some altered sensation in my right heel/underside of foot. Something I hadn`t noticed before was that the skin over the side of my big toe and the large joint there felt different/numb.
    He wants me to have an MRI of my spine and hip to see what is happening there and if this is contributing to my hip pain and weakness. I started with back problems earlier this year after a fall and the consultant asked my GP to refer to a spinal surgeon. However in my area you have to be assessed by MSK before a referral to spinal surgeon and they decided I should have physio on my back. Today the reg said I will probably need to be seen by a spinal surgeon, if so I am asking for tem to do a direct referral so I don`t get fobbed off again.
    So no answers yet and still in pain, but he said there is not a long wait for MRI. Then I go back to see the orthopaedics (consultant or reg- who knows!!??)
    Thanks again xx
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    It sounds like a plan, NB. I hope you get some answers.
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    I am glad that you are getting a spinal mri and that, hopefully, you are going to get to see a spine surgeon. I love my new spine guy - I hope yours is as good. Those numb areas are wierd aren't they? I poke mine periodically just out of curiosity!
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    Morning NB

    at last they are investigating with the mRI and I hope the appointment comes through soon

    Love Juliepf x