Falls after Hip replacement surgery

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Well, I saw my hip surgeon yesderday, he was horrified that I'd fallen on the 5th Novemeber and only just seen him, apparently you should go to A & E if necessary, the hips really needs to be X-rayed after a fall. Delighted to find from my x-ray that nothing is broken, nor chipped just some bruising. Incidendally my GP thought I was making a fuss, and I could be reveiwed at my next routine check up which was due in 2017! Thankfully I managed to be reassured, and I am taking more care in the shower now.
Sheena x


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    Hi Sheena
    I am so pleased you haven't done any damage, it would be **** slaw to go through the THR then this.
    GPs are to easy at sending us away with see you consultant and tell him, I wouldn't mind there job...
    You take care, and how are you getting on with the new hip,xx
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    Hi there

    I am so glad you had not damaged you're new hip. How long have you had it?? These type things are so easily done. I've done it myself. Take care.
    Karen xx
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    Hi Karen
    Just over a year - I think as the pain eases you tend to forget about it, I'm sure I was more careful at first, but it has been a wake up call - however my surgeon always said I'd now be able to go skiing!! Can't say I want to but its nice to know I could......... apparantly with a ceramic/titanium hip there is a 1 in a million chance of it breaking in a fall so that is encouraging.

    Hope you are doing well?

    Sheena x