Rhummey Appt, how it went!

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Hi Guys & Girls, As you know I went to see the Rhummey on Monday afternoon, firstly can I say a huge thank you for pocket duties!! The consultant had a good look at me as he had never seen me before when I was suffering a flare up so it helped him to understand how bad things can get. And after a long descusion we agreed I to trying the Steroid Injection. So I have had my 1st injection! (No one warned me how big the needle was!) So there was I chatting to the rhummey Nurse and boom! She lifts her hand, I nearly fainted! Then I was a brave soldier, it did sting alittle. But I was glad she gave me a couple of leaflets explaining what it was all about. But since Tuesday I have been suffering a few of the side effects, flu type symptoms, upset stomach and headaches. Starting to feel more like me now, The consultant said I could feel a difference as soon as the weekend, so fingers crossed it will make a difference! Will keep you informed!


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    best wishes bubba :D
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    Glad it went well for you Bubba, hopefully by the weekend you will see a difference and have some relief keeping everything crossed for you that it works.....tc...........Marie xx
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    I hope you are soon feeling the benefits of the injection and not having nightmares about the size of the needle! Good job nobody told you, maybe. Take care.

    Susie :)
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    Hi Bubba
    I am so glad they have given you something, the steroid jabs are good in the short term...so I do hope it beings plenty of relief....they can take a couple of days to kick in.
    You take care xx
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    Hi Bubba

    Hope the injection is a success :)

    Take care
    Love Juliepf x
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    Hope it helps.
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    Hi bubba, I hope it helps too.
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    Hi Bubba,
    I hope that steroid injection has started to work, and you are feeling much better.
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    Hi Amanda

    Good girls for being a brave lickle soldier there :wink:

    Fingers crossed it works really well for you - and soon


    Toni xx
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    I do hate needles! Getting there still got flu symptoms, and feel tired. But not as bad as it was! And as a treat for myself and my next door neighbour (who pops in on me in the week to check on me) we're going to see breaking dawn part2 on Monday, she's a Twilight fan because of me!!
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    Oooohh, jealous ( of your twilight trip not your pain!). Hope it is good.
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    Hope your injection works for you, as they do wonders for me.
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    Hope the injection worked.
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