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My mum is ill she suffers from very bad Osteoarthritis in her legs and hips and degenerative lumbar spinal discs, she also suffers with depression and panic attacks, she in constant chronic pain due to having both illnesses together, she cannot walk much and not unaided but when she does walk she is very slow and stops many times due the the pain and discomfort, she cannot stand unaided and for long as the pain is bad and she is weak on her legs, she has problems sitting, when she does finally manage to sit its not long before she is in so much pain, she cannot bend, dress or have a bath on her own as she cannnot do it etc.. she struggles day to day, Her Dr and Hospital consultant have both said that there is no cure and she will not get rid of these illness and they will get worse, she use to work but due to her illnesses/disabilties she cannot anymore and that was said by her GP and Hospital Consultant , She had a work assessment for ESA and got told she fit for work, even though she could not do the things they asked her, she screamed in pain, the assesor must of been blind, she help hold my mum, but the report was so made up and so many lies and conradictions it was unbelieveable she appealed, she been waiting along time to hear when it be then she got a letter in october saying the hearing s in novemeber
Well she had her appeal hearing on monday, it went well, she was awared enough points to pass the limited capabltiy for work and put in the support group,The Support Componant means that your health has a severe impact on your ability to do any form of work, and are not expected to return to work in the near future . the appeal hearing was not a bad as we thought it be, they were friendly and listened and didnt judge, we were only in the actual hearing about just over 10 mintues, they said that they already sort of came to the decsion before hand just reading all the evidence and medical documentation that we and the CAB sent in and that they just wanted to clarify some things. so just to let people know not to give up.
can anyone tell me how long have they waited for their money to go back up to what it should of been and for the back pay, we been told different things, and with christmas coming up, my mum could do with having her money increase to what it should be. Before ESA my mum was on income support with a sickness element on top, she then got told she be moved to esa and thats when she had her assessment in july 2011 but she didnt hear from that untill 14th october 2011 when they said she failed it, she been getting the bacis rate noe since then so thats 13 months so can anyone say when they would pay the back pay from.
also another question, we was advised that she could be called back up for another assessment in about 3 months, but could be longer can anyone who won their appeal and then got assesed again few months later tell me if that happens can we send copy of the appeal and a letter stateing that their no change it health and that it was only a few months that appeal was won. i heard that some people say they been put in the support group for two years but thats when they passed the medical, can anyone tell me if it happens when someone wins their appeal and put in he support group, its cause my mum so much stress, she worried now that she been called up again, or will they write to say she in suppot group for 2/3 years and what date would this be from? not sure how these people manage not to be re assessed for 2/3 years, is this just for people who pass the esa assesment first time or applies to people who fail but win on appeal and put in support group, im worried for my mum.

sorry to be abit long


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    And a warm welcome to the forum
    Sorry I cant offer any help, but your poor mum having to go through all that, if its any consolation there are many on hear that have had to appeal...for one benefit or another...but she is so lucky to have such a lovely daughter or son ...sorry not always sure who is who on here.
    I am so glad she has won her appeal and hope its not long before the money comes through...xx
    PS it does tend to be quiet on here at the weekend.
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    HI Cleverthing

    Lovely to meet you and even better to hear your Mum won her appeal - over and over we hear people winning at appeal.

    All being well she wont be called back very soon, but if she is that's when you will know what they want. Hopefully it will be really straightforward for her but if not - she won before and she will again! I suggest you keep all documentation safe and ready for action.

    If your Mum has been without money I suggest you ring them up and ask them and do your best to hassle them (without being too annoying of course :wink: ) Christmas is probably not much above a month away.

    Thanks for posting this it does help us to read success stories


    Toni xx
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    Hello from me, too. I'm no good with these things but, as the CAB advised you, might they know how long one usually has to wait?
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    thank you for the replies, barbara12 I am Daughter, yeah I agree with the nicknames you cannot tell if female or male, you have to guess :D

    stickywicket the CAB said that it might take up to 4-6 weeks for the increase in payment and up to 12 weeks for backpay that's what some have experience but I just want to see what other had to wait.

    Toni, we have been advised to keep chasing them, so we will do, and I hope you right that they wont call her very soon, but I agree she won once and we would fight again. thanks x