Thank You Everyone

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This is just to say a big thank you to all the people on this site who have given me advice and encouragement and information over the last few weeks.

I've spoken to my consultant and came to the decision that a hip replacement operation isn't for me at the moment. Five or ten years down the line, circumstances might be very different.

The consultant I spoke to rides a bike - I felt this made all the difference. He could appreciate how important my recumbent trike is to me and how restricted my life would be without it. It's amazing how much easier it is to explain things to someone who shares your own interest - especially in an area like cycling.

A few years ago I fell and broke my left wrist - not cycling just walking down the street. The physiotherapist I saw afterwards was a member of a local cycling club and able to appreciate my anxiety to get back on my bike (This was in my pre-trike days.)

Many thanks for all your help.
With love and best wishes for Christmas and New Year - if it's not too early for this.



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    You clearly feel that you have made the right decision for you, scribbler, and that's what's important. We're all different and we cope differently with both the pain and stiffness and lack of ability. It seems that you are happy and your consultant is happy so go for it! As and when you feel you may need the THR we'll still be here :wink:
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    Aww Scribbler it was a pleasure.

    I am so glad you have made your decision - it is right for you now and I am even more glad the consultant could empathise with your individual situation and you didn't feel pressurised :)

    I will happily accept your early Chrsitmas wishes - good wishes are just that 'good' whatever time of year!

    Thank you


    Toni xxx
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    Hi Scribbler
    That sounds good news for must be great getting someone who understands your cycling etc.

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    Aww Scribbler it really has been a pleasure..I find by supporting other it helps me..I am glad you have come to a decision and I do wish you well...just one thing I hope you stay with us.. :D xx