absorption of oral drugs??

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i was wondering if anyone knows if oral arthritis drugs are still absorbed if you have diarrhoea? iv had problems and my joints have got alot worse since i had stomach problems for the last 2 weeks. my stomachs feeling better now but i can hardly walk anywhere again :roll:


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    I really don't know the answer to this. My guess would be that it would depend on whether that particular med was absorbed while in the stomach or in the intestines. However, my RA always gets worse if I'm ill in other ways, especially ways that raise my temperature. I know you don't have RA but other auto-immune arthritises might react similarly.

    I think you should ask your rheumatology helpline.
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    im not aloud to ring my rheummatologist. and he really doesnt care. he just said go to your gp if theres a problem. and my gp doesnt know what to do, she just says there isnt anything she can do.
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    perhaps you need to change your rheumatologist.......I can ring the on-call rheumy at my hospital whenever I need to. Just phone the switchboard and ask them to bleep on-call rheumy. They will call you back. You have every right to get the advice and support you need.