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Hi all gosh its getting close to christmas, hope you have all sent your letters in to santa, my list isent long but hell its expensive. i'm really going to treat myself this year, new pc , new sterio system link them together and annoy the hell out of my kids and grandkids "well they done it to me". Thanks Barbara and Christimay for taking the time to write to me. I see our kids back nice one me old mate. catch up with you all soon might even start posting some funnys
take care
Colin XXX


  • barbara12
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    Hi Colin
    GOOD FOR YOU...you deserve a treat...I can just see it speaker on full belt...just a point you will have to be good ..or father Christmas might not come....you take care of yourself xxx
  • frogmorton
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    Good to see you posting :)

    Christmas list?! For me?? :lol:

    No I haven't sent mine yet, but as 'Mother Christmas in this house I ahve bought all kids and husband's main pressies so feeling pretty in control :D

    Toni xx
  • tjt6768
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    now then Rkid..... good to see ya.
    I haven't done my letter yet :oops: but Janet has already given me my Crimble present :D got a new samsung tablet2.. it is great, using it now, lovely big screen. Easy touch screen typing for the sore digits :D

    Now, I hope that you are gonna be blastingout some good tunes to annoy the kids with? Lol

    Nice having ya back :D
  • Numptydumpty
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    It's lovely to see you back Colin.
    As for Christmas, I haven't even started to think about it yet :oops:
    All the best,
  • LignumVitae
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    Good to see you back. How are things?

    Christmas lists...I can think of a few things but I'll more than settle for some peace and happiness!

    LV xx
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    Hi Colin good to see you posting hope you are feeling not too bad, there are 6 Santa lists lying here to be posted, my little girl wrote her own one also for her 3 brothers and our 2 golden retrievers well they all better start behavin my oldest one 21 had to be put to his bed on Sunday 3am not by me thankfully but his granny he kept telling her oh your so nice granny your so kind I always say the only difference between my oldest and youngest is that the moods and tantrums are for different reasons. As for treating yourself Colin quite right, I'm sure you can't wait for Santa to come, it was good to hear you again, don't be so long next time xxxx
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    Hi Colin - it's very good to see you on here again. You have been missed and I hope you will be back again soon.

    Best wishes,

  • mig
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    So pleased to see your post Colin.Had to give Neil Sedaka concert a miss was not too good,off to see Marty Wilde this week.You look after yourself.Mig
    (got refund on concert tickets,it was a sell out)
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    Hello Colin and so nice to see you posting :D

    It sounds as you're going to have a lively Christmas- good for you :!: You deserve to have all the fun in the world :D
  • Christimay
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    Where was Neil Sedaka in concert at, he is one of my favourites.
  • Colin1
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    Thanks all, never mind mig he will be back next year
  • bubbadog
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    Hey Colin!! So glad you are posting again, I didn't message you as I wanted you to have sometime to yourself. But soooo pleased to see you again.
    No Christmas list from me this year! Got it coming! I'll be sunning it up on a Cruise for Christmas round the Carribean!
    Good for you treating yourself! I do get treated all the year by my OH, anything I want I get! Lucky me!
    I'm so pleased to see you back! Now I can start annoying you!! :lol: