Bit of Bubble and Squeak news

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Hello all

Sorry I haven't been around much, I've been spending my time binging on Gaviscon, learning that my normal foods are not going to be tolerated by my two growing friends and working with the lovely community police support officer to try and help the severely alcoholic lady who lives up the street and is not far from death.

Annnyyyywaayyyyy...on a lighter and happier note, today we had the anomaly scan. It took over an hour and by the 40 minute mark I was beginning to panic that there was a huge anomaly with one or both of them, particularly when the sonographer kept going over the same bit of tummy (which made somebody kick my bladder which was getting increasingly full and uncomfy).

There are no anomalies, it was just an issue with twisty turny dancy babies and once I had shifted from one side to the other and back they decided to stay still long enough to have their anomalies checked and passed as normal - the one time I want normal babies!

I have more pictures, Squeak, like some prima donna is striking a pose (but does look a little bit like a monkey if I'm honest). Bubble on the other hand didn't think much to being a show off and instead we have a delightful picture of their back and bum...not even born and already flashing moonies at me!

I go back every four weeks from now on for scans to check on their progress but they and I are all doing brilliantly, hooray! I cannot stop being thankful and amazed that a body that misbehaves the way it often does when arthritis is around can suddenly do so well.

Hope you are all well

LV xx


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    Lovely heartwarming post LV.
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    Oh LV..I have been waiting for an update...I am so pleased everything is you say the same body that has caused Arthur...can make you cant wait for them to be here..
    You take care of yourself xxx
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    Very pleased to hear all is well LV. :D
    The CHITCHAT twins are brewing nicely :lol:
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    Good news LV! Glad it is all going well!
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    Thats great LV glad all going well, delightful post...........Marie xx
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    Fantastic news Lignumvitae :D

    I am so very very pleased that all is well with the wee bubbas



    Toni xxx
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    Hi there,

    I know you wont know who I am, but just wanted to say, glad everything is going well for you and you're twins. May I ask, when are they actually due.
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    Brilliant news, LV and thanks for sharing it. Our daughter-in-law kindly invited us to attend her 5 month scan. They were fairly sure, by then, it was a boy but it was hard to verify as he refused to let go of 'the proof'. This caused some amusement for two minutes and considerable embarassment for the next five or six with both Dad and Grandad insisting he hadn't inherited such behaviour from their side of the family.

    Yes, your body is certainly doing a great job in child-bearing.
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    That's brilliant news LV. :D
    I'm so pleased you're all doing well. Keep up the good work :wink:
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    Thank you all for your lovely posts! I'm liking Chitchat twins, they seem to be having a chat at the moment which usually means they'll carry on til the wee small hours if they're busy around this time! Training me now for no sleep when they arrive!
    They're officially due on the 16th April but the doctor explained today that if they hadn't emerged by 37.5 weeks we'd talk about inducing them so end of March/start April is most likely.
    Sticky, the thought of taking my mum to a scan, can you imagine?! I love a little boy busy holding on tight to his modesty though, what a sweetie!
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    We learn to hold onto the things we cherish at an early age :lol::o
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    Oooo, more babies. lad everything is going well. Will look forward to your updates. I have a 19 month old grandson and a 2 month old granddaughter, as well as a 9 year old grandson and a 10 year old granddaughter.
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    Glad everything is going well,will look forward to the updates.Mig
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    Hello LV glad all is well you sound in great spirit