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Hello all,
I've had RA for 27 years, and it has now reached my elbows - ouch! Can anyone suggest any tried and tested elbow supports or splints that might help please? The pain is manageable with anti-inflammatory gel, but my forearm is weak from the elbow down, so something offering a little support would be good. I've been using a tubi-grip bandage, but it's not very effective.


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    Hi, I asked the rheumy OT the same question this morning- she had nothing to recommend because they "don't do elbows!". On the plus side I came away with 3 new sets of splints of various decriptions and some gel insoles for my sore feet.

    So I'll be monitoring this post with interest in the hope that some one might have some good suggestions.

    Take care

    Deb x
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    In your shoes I would be asking for an OT or physio referral in your shoes, but in the meantime (silly it might sound), what about a sling - like when you've broken your wrist just to take the weight of the forearms off for a bit????

    Hope some other cleverer person happens along :?


    Toni xx
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    Thanks Deb and Toni for your replies.

    Deb - I'm glad your visit to the OT wasn't completely wasted!

    I'll definitely ask the physio for some advice - I need to see her anyway about my knees (it's never just the one thing is it?!).

    Toni - yes, the sling is a good idea, it would be quite comfortable I think - I'll give it a try and report back!

    Jo x.
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    Instead of slings, use scarfs.. that way you can stay fashionable lol
    Best of luck :D
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    Have you considered a steroid injection ? They can be very helpful to some people. I have tried many supports, its hard to get one that fits upper and the lower part of the arm at the same time. To be honest its hard to beat a double tubigrip of the E size.
    It seems that elbows are a difficult one for medics these days. I soak mine in a wax bath regularly but nothing really ever calms them down to a 'normal' level.
    Another thing we have to learn to live with....what a life , Joy
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    Thanks for the suggestion of scalves Tony - perhaps I can set a new trend?! Coming to a catwalk near you...

    Hi Joy - yes I was booked in with two separate GP's for an injection in my elbow. The first one wasn't keen to do it so she referred to me to her colleague, who didn't want to do it either! I should be having a rheumy appointment soon so I will ask for one then.

    Thanks for your replies, sorry I'm a bit late with mine.

    Jo x.
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    I had my elbow injected a few months ago. I had tolerated the pain for a while, but nothing eased it and everything aggravated it. It is a joint that is virtually impossible to rest.

    I hope you can find something to help. I used a pillow raised up, to rest the joint and take the weight when sitting. That and pain relief gel was my only help.

    I really empathise, it created strain on my shoulder and neck as it was weak.