Yes, I keep disappearing and coming back.

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But there is good reasons.......

My NC Media course is going really well, the college and my lecturers are so understanding.... Managed to kinda make a fool of one of them when I corrected her lol. (she had always believed that Netherlands was part of Scandinavia).... Anyways.....

Recently had a pretty bad cold, ended up with Labyrinthitis after it all, I have been to see about my left knee in hospital in recent months as it started clicking again, was referred for a MRI, got to go on Monday for the results n what not.

Oh, I have applied for university (aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh), I cannot believe I have gotten this far with little ol arthur, HMS, anxiety, depression and whatever else my body decides to throw at me....

All in all, things are great, I have a bundle of laughs at college, OH OH, forgot to say that I am off to LA in June with my best mate :D.

So lots to look forward to and do really :).


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    You go for it girl.Mig
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    Pamie its lovely to hear from you, I did wonder how you were getting on at enjoy being young to there room for another one.. :D(((((()))) xx
  • PamieAFC1903
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    Thanks guys :)

    Well, considering I will be taking a large case for 7 days as I will probs come back with more clothes than I went with haha, there will be room on the outbound flight, but not on the inbound flight pmsl!
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    Hi Pamie,
    It's good to know that you are doing so well at college, and good luck with your university application.
    I hope that you will enjoy your trip to LA, lucky girl :D

    Joan :D
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    Gosh Pamie

    long-time no see!!!

    Good to hear things are going so well for you :)

    I hope you thoroughly enjoy your trip to LA


    Toni xx