Sulpha & Meth - An update

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Hi everyone,

As you know I have been having bother with taking Sulpha and Meth at the same time.

I phoned my RA nurse last week and she suggested not taking the Meth this week, which worked a treat, however I have been having other problems as well.

Really bad mood swings, lose of appeitite and a sore throat.

So spoke to the RA nurse again today and I have to continue not taking the Meth again this week and go in and see her next week to see how I am.

I am not sure about the sore throat because there are a lot of bugs going about just now so it could be that or it could be the Sulpha. Will keep an eye on it.

So the saga continues, will see what happens next week.


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    Not an ideal situation, is it, but at least you are doing exactly the right thing and letting those who know what they're doing handle things. I hope it all settles down and you can get back to a routine once you see the nurse next week.
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    I am having trouble with Methotrexate but the consultant seemed to dismiss the sore throat, nausea, dry cough, generally feeling crap and grumpy and left me on it. Been going to phone the nurse this week but work has so far got in the way - you have inspired me to phone today. Good luck with your appointment and keep us informed what they say - really interested to hear your advice.
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    How long have you been on the Meth for and do you take folic acid afterwards?

    Its maybe better for you to speak to the RA Nurse rather than the consultant as they will be able to give you some advise.

    I did have problems with the Meth for a few months when I first started, but its settled down now.

    My problem is I am taking 2 very high doses of different drugs and they are both interacting with each other.