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A few weeks ago I told you of a little man 7 years old with JIA,I met him while with my neighbour picking up her children.
The little boy has a walking frame and asked why did I have a stick, he then said if I would go for a walk with him he could show me how to walk without being in pain ,
I met him this afternoon, and we had a little walk, only around 10mins, now get this..he said you shouldn't stick your bum out like that its not good for you back, oh bless his cotton socks...we had a really good chat, and he wants to meet again, his mum said he is in agony sometimes..but he likes to help people and it takes his mind off things.....he even offered to lend me his frame, and said daddy would make the legs longer for me...he is so funny and had me chuckling away...better hold mui bum in next time :o
I am putting him forward for child of the god he deserves it .
Thanks for reading xx


  • Numptydumpty
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    Oh Barbara, he does sound like a little star :D
    What a lovely idea, to nominate him for Child of the year.
    Now, pull that bum in :lol:
  • villier
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    Oh Barbara what a wee darling, don't mind admitting got a few tears, I am sure you will both benefit from each others company, you must look forward to meeting him.........Marie xx
  • Turbogran
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    Oh Barbara that is so sweet what an inspiration to us all. and what a lovely idea to nominate him for child of the year.
  • joanlawson
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    It's often the case that children with disabilities are very sympathetic and more aware about other people, but your little man sounds like one in a million, Barbara. His parents must be very proud of him.
  • valval
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    what a lovely boy now we will all be tucking our bums in when we walk and he is so right bless him life is so unfair to give such young children so much to cope with val
  • Colin1
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    Beautiful Barbara just beautiful sounds like hes been heaven sent give him lots of love from AC when you next see him.
  • barbara12
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    Aww thanks to all of you for reading it
    He is a inspirational little boy...and so funny...I cant help wondering when the little thing will lose his sense of humour...I know I shouldn't..... :!: :!:
    I really look forward to our next walk....we only went round the school...but you should see him go on that frame...I do love the attitude of children if thats the right word....I so wish I had a magic wand... for hm not me..
    He calls me aunty Barbara :D:D
    Thanks again for your post xxxxx
  • knuckleduster
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    Well that's told me, tucking my bum in right now :oops: . He sounds a darling little boy and I hope your nomination is successful. Do admit, I often look in shop windows to see what I look like and it does make me straighten up. :lol:

    Janet xx
  • bubbadog
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    Children surprise me sometimes, they just take it in their stride! And they make me feel like I'm moaning all the time!! And when I see them suffering in pain It breaks my heart and I end up sobbing like a baby. I just want to take their pain so they don't have to suffer.
    No child should have to suffer, they should be running around enjoying life, not having to live with disabilities.
  • frogmorton
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    Hi Aunty Barara

    I think it would be a lovely thing to do to nominate him for a child of courage award.

    His Mum will bawl her eyes out :cry:


    Toni xx
  • barbara12
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    Thanks everyone
    Must say I look in shop windows to see how I look ,but he certainly told time I have to make sure I stand has straight as poss... :oops: must say its Colin says he is heaven sent....
    Love to all of you xxx
  • stickywicket
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    Aunty Barbara (nice one, frog :wink: ) he is a treasure but I think he's also found a treasure. What a great pair!

    By the way, sticking your bum in is relatively easy when you are 7 years old and don't possess much of a bum. The larger the offending article, the harder it is to pull in (I have discovered :oops: ). Which is not to say that you, Barbara, have a .......oh dear....I think I'd better leave it at that :roll:
  • ShulaArcher
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    Hello Barbara

    Thanks for this. Inspiring!

  • barbara12
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    Oh SW...some people are having injection to make there bum bigger...I must have saved a fortune.... :lol: x
    Shula he certainly is inspirational...cant wait for the next walk :D x

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