Still counting!!!!

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I think it's 11 weeks or there about before my op: roll on Xmas and New year this is one time I really am wishing time will go quickly


  • villier
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    I am sure it will pet, you will soon be caught up with the organisation for Xmas and new year so am sure it will pass quicker than you think, if you need pocket duties just give us a shout will be there for you..........Marie xx
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    Soon be here, wendgro. I've replied to your PM.
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    Not long now hunny, it will fly by xxx
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    Hi Wendy

    Won't be long now will it?

    Just time to enjoy Christmas - see the new year in and then you'll need to be getting organised :D


    Toni xx
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    Hi Wendy
    11 weeks will fly by with all the organizing for Christmas...then you will have spring round the corner... :)