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Well, I have not been on here for many weeks now so going to spend some time reading through some of the threads. Unfortunately, a water mains bust about half a mile away and water managed to find my property, break through my garden wall, flood out my garage and go under my house. Adrenalin kicked in, went outside but trying to walk through 1 foot deep water and with the power out, kept falling over as no light and already unstable on my feet on a good day. Result, no heating for 14 hours, cold, wet, then no plug sockets for a week and me struggling to get out of bed. I now realise how bad this arthritis can be. I have severe pain and struggle to walk most days but never been in a position that I cannot walk at all for so many days :(

An update though. After debating if I should just accept my problems and get help, I finally applied for my Blue Badge again and..... I was successful!! :D

I guess now I just need to take the plunge and fill in the DLA forms. This is all new to me so do I need to get my doctor on side? Do I need to get him to write anything or give me copies of reports? Should I tell him I am applying for DLA?

Any help is much appreciated.


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    You sound like me - trooping on until everything *stops* I'm no expert but if you have gotten a BB then you will probably qualify for some level of DLA. My first application failed but I was being brave and saying 'on good days I can do....' rather than saying 'on bad days I can't do....' people do say to ask CAB for help and I didn't know that if you phone for a form and it's awarded it's backdated to that date - I downloaded and printed 55 pages(!) and it took me four months to fill in the form - I was having a bad flare and was finding it hard to write for very long, I'm also still working and as I'm self-employed my time is filled up...

    I did ask my GP if she would support my application before I sent off the second attempt and I told her why I was applying - my hands are really bad and I find it hard to do household stuff, I used to employ someone to help me but couldn't afford it any longer. The report that she wrote meant that I was awarded high mobility (BB) and middle care which has changed my life!

    Good luck and hope you get through it all!

    Nic x
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    You've certainly had a tough time, Rewter, and I hope things are a bit better now. No wonder your joints are playing up - water and stress is a bad combination.

    Well done on getting the BB! I can't really help with DLA applications but, yes, I think advice from CAB would be good.
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    Gosh that is awful, I have been watching on TV the poor people flooded out and thinking how lucky we are, no wonder you are in pain.
    Good for you getting the blue badge that will be a big help and I do wish you good luck with the DLA,please let us know how you get on , and take care of yourself xx
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    Thanks all,

    Yes, a tough time but nothing I can do about it. I am sure some people have had far worse with their flooding, just the arthritis that makes it worse.

    My Mrs and mother have drilled home I should at least apply for DLA. Based on a few little things that I should be taking for granted at 36 like:

    I have to drive everywhere, even to the end of the street as can't walk far due to pain. Thats a big financial burdon as we never expected to have to buy a second car to give me some independence.

    Struggle to put on / take off my own shoes and socks. My Mrs normally helps me.

    Cant have a bath unless she is in the house as I struggle to get out on my own.

    Cant really help out with the gardening or cutting the lawn.

    Cant get anything out of the freezer unless top shelf.

    Cant reach lower level of oven.

    The list goes on :(

    Not sure if I would get anything but just a bit to help would be great. My partner has her own health issues and its gutting to watch her working herself into the ground so surely some help would be great.

    I have called and asked the powers that be to send me the forms :roll:
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    Dont think we have met before but I read your post and just wanted to say Im so sorry you got caught up in this flood catastrophe, it mustve been really scary trying to walk through that water and then all the problems with your property....I hope you get things sorted through your insurance....
    Im also glad you got a blue badge (Im sorry dont know your exact arfur) but sounds like you need one and WELL DONE!!

    Keep safe, keep warm.....

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    Have you had an OT round to assess you, Rewter? There are loads of helpful gadgets that help with everyday tasks. I can't even reach my feet and my ankles don't move but I can put my own shoes and socks on thanks to gadgets.

    High and low shelves are just out of bounds but sliding drawers help in cupboards and with our freezer. Some ovens have a shelf built into the door and they are tons easier and safer to use.

    Also, check out the 'Simple Ideas...' thread near the top of the page. Lots of useful suggestions.

    But, most of all, ask to see an OT.
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    I have an appointment with a Physio in 2 weeks and my doctor a few days later so will discuss this with them. So far, I have been given meds and told to put up with things until I am a little older. I need to conserve what little movement I have and I am fully bought into the preservation approach but to do so, I need further help both physically and financially.

    I went shopping for some new trainers last week and that became the final straw. I was that stiff and aching in my hips, knees and back, I could not get my shoes off and try the new ones on. I had to call my Mrs to come find me in the shop to help. Its a similar thing if I am food shopping, I have to go with someone as I cannot reach the lower shelf. Surely this is what the DLA is all about, helping people get on with their life?

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