Advice on any benefits available please

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Hi everyone. I seem to be going round in circles about the possibility of being able to claim any benefits - which would help me enormously. I guess some of you have had the same problems?

Because my OA was not diagnosed until after I was 65 (though looking back I am sure that I had it before then), I am not able to claim DLA. I keep being told conflicting information about AA but think I probably need to face up to the fact that I am not eligible. I was told by DWP that I could not claim it, then recently spoke to Social Services who said they thought I could. However, when the relevant forms arrived, it is very obvious that they are not aimed at someone like me (fortunately). When the OT visited me earlier this week, he said he thought I could claim something which would allow me to pay for some help with hoovering/cleaning that I find so difficult (and painful) to manage. He told me to phone CAB which I duly did. However, the very helpful person at CAB told me that the criteria for claiming AA is now very rigid and is that " you must need care and help throughout the day with bodily functions." That, I am pleased to say, does not include me as it is my mobility that is affected, like lots of you.

Does anyone know of any other route I could possibly take or anywhere else I might be able to get some help from? It really would make such a difference to me. The alternative is that I will need to advertise for someone to come in and help me. I have already approached various local domestic cleaning companies but they all seem to require a minimum of 2 hrs per week which a) I don't need and b) I can't afford from my limited income.

Any ideas will be gratefully received. I am sure that some of you may also be in the same position so am just really touting for any ideas and/or advice.

Hope you are all having as good a day as possible and managing to keep dry and warm!



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    Have you tried Age UK, Beryl? They should be quite clued up on these things.
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    Do you qualify for pension credit?
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    Hi kentishlady, I know you've had a couple of suggestions but I think you would be better off phoning the Arthritis Care helpline. It's a free call you will see the number at the top of the page. They can help you and give you advice on anything you have concerns with. They where great help to me when I needed help, I would 100% reccommend you call them.
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    Thinks Sticky and Bubbadog. Will try both of those. Think it's worth trying anything just in case it works. Hope you are both as well as possible. Beryl
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    Hello Kentishlady, I can understand your frustration, I was in a similar position when first diagnosed. I had an email today from Age UK and trawling through it I saw a link for benefits, if you type in to your search bar there is a wealth of information there that you might find helpful.

    Good luck
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    You can get benifits if your over 65 and disabled
    its called Attendance Allowance.

    Look it up hear

    You should also talk to the CAB its free and they can give you good advice

    Hope you get on ok
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    A friend of mine in a similar situation made an appointment to see Age UK, got them to help with filling in the form, and got Attendance Allowance. She insists to anyone who asks (and many who don't!) that you MUST get Age UK to help filling in the form as they understand how to do so - the example she often gives is that she thought she needed no help in getting up from chairs or off her bed, but because she has to use her hands to help her do so, they interpret that as needing help. Result - she gets the highest rate!
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    Hi Numps and Helenbothknees. Thanks for your helpful tips. Will follow up your advice. Hope you are both having as good a day as possible. Beryl