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I know Iv'e been writing about my knee but I seem to have developed another little problem with it and I was wondering if any of you have ever experienced this as well. I have been having pins and needle in my left leg (bad knee leg) from the knee down and I wondered if it was a nerve getting trapped or a blood vessel it happens when I am in bed and when I get out of bed stand and wait a few minutes (because I can't walk on it) it passes.Someone out there must have experienced something similar. I am going for my post op on the 19th Dec. so it's all coming together quite well Thanks Wendy


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    I had this following my TKR, also little electric shocks going down my leg. I was told it was signs of the nerves (which had been damaged during the surgery) were knitting back together.
    Good luck with the post-op visit: hope it goes well.
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    Hi Wendy I have chronic neuopathic pain syndrome as well as OA in both patella and from time to time I get pins and needles, numbness in the lower legs and my feet can get cold and clammy, and I get various other odd symptoms, it was all kicked off by a double knee keyhole op in 2008, thing is if you've had a knee op the neuropathic nerves can get damaged and or very upset and you can't make it go away with pain meds as the neuropathic pain system isn't like the main nerves they can't be dulled with normal pain meds and you might find it takes some time before it calms down post op but I'd not worry to much just keep an eye on it it could well settle down in a few weeks or so.
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    Hi Wendy

    The others migt be right there sounds like it could well be be on the safe side though next time you see your GP might be worth checking??


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