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Hello my name is Wendy. I'm new to the forum and I would like to hear from anyone who has had an ankle fusion. 10 weeks ago I had a hindfoot nail ankle fusion. I came out of plaster yesterday and am now using crutches with an air boot. How easy is it to walk with a completely fused ankle? How do you cope with uneven ground and hills? Do you still use a walking aid? I can't even put on trousers without getting my foot stuck in the leg :roll: so any advice would be much appreciated.


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    Hi and a warm welcome from me

    We do have a few people that have had ankle fusions, if you search at the top of the forum there names may come up, I do know that some of them were very pleased with the outcome.
    I do wish you well with the recovery xx
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    Hi there :) , I had an ankle fusion in 2009 , took about 3 months in total to recover enough to go back to work (part time at first) and my ankle used to swell but that gradually got better , I used to go swimming a couple of times a week too and that helped build my strength up . As regards to walking normally no one believes its bolted together ! I walk perfectly normally , yes uneven ground is a bit painful to start with but that soon gets better as well :D . I wasn't walking with a crutch by the time I went back to work but honestly can't remember when I stopped using it , I also found using a tubergrip or an ankle support helped make it feel more comfy when out walking , my foot still gets stuck in jeans lol ! . Ive had a knee replacement on the same leg 4 months ago - thats a whole new ball game ! :( xx
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    pegleg wrote:
    Hi there :) , I had an ankle fusion in 2009 ,

    Hello again. I've just found your answer, silly me for not looking in the right place. It has really given me hope. I was worried that I'd be quite unstable but it sounds as if I will adapt. Now I'm looking forward to getting out and about more. Thank you. Good luck with your knee replacement recovery. My left knee replacement went really well but my right knee took nearly two years to get over. I found muscle stengthening really helped.
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