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I am suffering at the moment, I have OA in my lumber spine, but I am also getting terrible knee pain.

My knees were x-rayed a few months because I was getting pain in them and they made a lot of grating noise, but x-ray was normal....

I am now in terrible pain in my right knee, but mostly at night, it wakes me up several times and last night I was crying with the pain.

I had slept with my leg straight and the pain and stiffness was so bad I couldn't bend my leg......a lot of the pain was at the back of the knee.....any suggestions?

I did tell my GP a couple of weeks ago and she referred me I now have to wait for a physio app on 31st this likely to help?

Sorry for moaning x


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    Hi Gilly
    I have OA in one knee...but I get referred pain from the hips in both...sometime a scan is much better than hubby had one and had a camera and a wash out on one knee...he still cant believe how good it is.
    Hope you get some answers very soon xx
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    Hi Gilly,

    You can moan anytime you like :)

    I have JIA and it effects my right knee the worst. Physio helped me a lot and I also had a few steroid injections at the same time which lasted for a good couple of years.

    Hope the physio helps you and don't forget we are here for you anytime.

    Kat x
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    Hi Gilly, No one knows your body like you, so any new pain that start's only you will know about, has the knee swelled up? If you have a good relationship with your G.P go back and see them and explain how the pain feels, if it has swollen up that will help, but if you can get the G.P to book a scan of the knee that will help everyone. And you are not moaning!!
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    Hello Gilly, I am sorry to read about your knee. I'm a side-sleeper and now sleep with a pillow between my legs to support my upper hip and to cushion my sore knee joints (I have spurs on both sides of both knees). My knees don't straighten or lie flat so you may find that when sitting with your legs up a pillow or cushion under the knees eases the pain a little. DD
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