First dose of Methotrexate

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I'm 16 years old, diagnosed when I was 14, I started MTX three days ago. I've been experiencing headaches, nausea, and back pain so far. Looking online I've learned that hair loss is a possible side effect and this has got me a bit worried. Is there anyone else out there that's been on methotrexate for a while who could tell me their experience with it?


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    Hi Deirdra. It’s good to meet you. I’ve been on methotrexate for over ten years and it’s been great for me with hardly any side-effects. I sometimes feel very tired the following day, or the day after but that’s about it. When they write of ‘hair loss’ you have to remember that this is a med which is also prescribed, in much higher doses, for other diseases. I think the small amount that we take is unlikely to cause real hair loss though I do find one or two in the washbasin or on the pillow. Nothing noticeable though.

    I hope you’ve been prescribed Folic Acid also as this does help prevent side-effects. It’s very early days for you. I hope it works but it’ll probably be a few weeks before you notice any significant improvement.

    I should have mentioned that I’m far from a ‘young person with arthritis’ – but I was once :wink:
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    Hey :D
    I've been taking methotrexate for around 6 months I'm 18 and had hair lose as a side affect. I would refer to it as hair thinning I didn't get bald patches or anything like that my hair was just falling out a lot and getting thinner. Hair lose is only a possible side affect, so you may be absolutely fine :) But if you do there are things that the doctors can do.

    So, when I first started taking methotrexate I was taking 5mg of frolic acid along side it. Since having these problems with hair they have increased my dosage of force acid to 30mg a week and that seems to have sorted it out :)

    Hope that gives you some reassurance :)

    Best of luck!
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    Hi Deidra,

    Methotrexate has been positive for my daughter (diagnosed at 13/14 with JIA Polyarticular, and now 20). She had Folic acid and occasionally iron tablets too......have to say they monitor you really well when on Methotrexate...

    Her experience, yes feeling sick on the day, eventually got fed up actually taking the tablets so she learnt how to administer by injection (still some nausea but not as bad)...

    Worth persevering, BUT your consultant is best for advice.

    HAIR...well what can I say 30mg has been her top dose and for quite some time.....we are a very hairy family, the Hoover and bath plug prove that!!! aND why oh why did I add 2 black Labradores into the pot....hairs everywhere!! :roll: but seriously my daughter with JIA has a lovely head of hair (yes I did notice a few more of hers around the bath....but that's probably as she has the thickest dark hair (and my other daughter is blond)!!

    Good luck and wellness wishes to you and Katie, what a lovely positive young lady!!

    The people on the forum here have lots of advice and support to offer.

    Heartfelt and sincere regards to my daughter and all people living with Arthritis :)