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hi I am 5 weeks post THR in my left hip and am abit worried things arn"t going as they should my OA in both hips pre op and lower back was severe am unable to stand up straight and have used crutches for 3 years .my worry is that I am not making much progress I have been doing my exercises every day and walking around the house as much as I can .When I sit in the chair my knee becomes very cold on the inside and stiff and also i am unable to lift my left foot more than a couple of inches off the floor when stood up and not at all when sat down ,is this normal I have a appointment with my surgeon on the 19th dec but dont think I will be able to get over the step at the bottom of the front door so dont know what to do about that also theres no one to take me although they have booked me a taxi sorry for going on thankyou for reading Ann x


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    Hi Ann

    Thanks for your posting.

    I'm really sorry to hear about the difficulties you are experiencing with your knee and hip at present.

    Hopefully you can have a good conversation with your surgeon about this and will find a way to move forward with this. It may mean further physiotherapy to help you and that is something you can talk with the surgeon about. For more information on hip surgery and aftercare see

    As regards having someone go with you to see the surgeon, you could always contact your local Age Uk (If you are over 50), see or your local Adult Social Services department for help with this.

    You are welcome to ring us if you would like to have a chat, or have any further questions.

    All the best

    Helplines Team