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Hello, I'm English, living in the Czech Republic and have been prescribed diacerein by my doctor. I'm interested in the patient and medical consensus of it's efficacy. The Cochrane review found it statistically better than placebo (that's the very least you'd want from a prescribed drug though). I gather that it is a newish type of drug for the treatment of arthritic hips so data is presumably scarce? My Czech doctor is keen to medicate and reluctant to operate which I think is a good approach. He is convinced that it is a helpful drug. I don't really know what to think because I have nothing to judge its helpfulness by except by asking the wider community of patients, doctors and supporting organisations like yourselves.


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    Hello FinnigansWake. I’m not a member of the Helpline team, just an ordinary forum member.

    I’ve had both RA and OA for many years but I hadn’t heard of this med so I googled it. It seems to be some kind of anti-inflammatory but it’s supposed to work differently from the usual ones. It might not be licensed for use here in the UK.

    Medication before operations is the usual approach to OA, and anti-inflammatories and pain relief is what’s usually on offer. Referral to a physio would probably help too though, if that’s difficult, AC have a booklet on exercises (Publications and Resources, top of the page)

    You’re in a difficult situation and I, too, would be wanting to know more about this med. I hope the Helpline team can find something out.
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    Hi FinnegansWake

    Thanks for your posting and apologies in the delay in replying.

    I’ve looked up Diacerein in our usual sources of information and can find nothing on it. This is possibly because it isn’t available in the UK. I have passed it on to our Information Department to see if they can find something about it and will get back to you if they do.

    For general information on arthritis and pain relief medication you can see our booklets at http://www.arthritiscare.org.uk/PublicationsandResources/Listedbytype/Booklets.

    It may be worth speaking to your local doctor again to see if he has more information on this medication and its effectiveness.

    Kind Regards

    Helplines Team
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    Hello Finneganswake,

    Our information officer has given us the cochrane review as the information on this. Here's the link http://summaries.cochrane.org/CD005117/diacerein-for-osteoarthritis

    I'm afraid we don't have any more information about it than that. I wonder whether you've tried the American Arthritis Foundation?

    I hope that is helpful

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    It isa drug originating from France and licenced in Europe as a disease modifier for OA. It is not yet available in the UK as it will need to go through the NICE system first.
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