I'll swing for him yet

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So we had done some shopping in te##o going down the escalator when he fails to push the trolley off the end he had stopped because he thought he had seen 50 p I nearly went [text edited} into the trolley and the guy behind very nearly following,needless to say an argument followed,I have had to start talking to him again as its his turn to cook and I still don't know where he's hidden my present.bag humbug.
The present is an iPad 2. Mig Www


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    The supermarket is the cause of many a domestic. I think Mr Mig would get on well with Mr SW both of whom clearly regard a 50p piece as being well worth risking their wives' lives and limbs for.

    I'm glad you didn't go completely artichoke over turnips, mig, and I bet the chap behind you was too.

    Hope he redeems himself with the meal. I suggest a bottle of something nice to go with it.
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    Oh dear, poor you Mig! I will only attempt to 'rescue' a pound coin - anything less isn't worth the effort. :roll: Stop hunting for your present - you know what it is after all so where's the surprise anyhoo? :wink: DD
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    Ahhh to be a man and work on single tracks of thought! I hope you've been fed in silence or not, or at least been offered a 50p chocolate bar. Enjoy your iPad when it arrives, you're clearly very excited understandably. Mine has revolutionised my inner book worm which couldn't indulge itself any ore because holding books was too painful. Not long to wait now Mig!
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    Oh Mig you Do make me laugh :lol:

    'had to give in' :lol:

    IPAD2 worth speaking for in anyone's book :wink:


    Toni xxx