Early signs?

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What were the early signs of Arthritis starting in a certain joint?

With her left knee the onset was very sudden, she went to bed fine and woke up with a limp and a very swollen knee.

Last night she woke up around midnight and would not settle, it was like she was uncomfortable, she told her me knee was hurting several times and when i asked her which one she told me it was the right one. She then told me "doctor made my pink leg better" (she had a pink cast on after her steroid injection) :( She settled after some pain killers. I had a look at her knee this afternoon when i got in from work, it looks swollen but she was fine with me touching it and bending and straightening it.

Shes back at the consultant in three weeks but i think i might ring the nurses tomorrow and see what they say.


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    It's hard for us to say, Lozzy, because we're not doctors. If her knee is hot to the touch then I think you should let her rheumatology team know but I doubt very much that anyone will be able to see her in the near future thanks to the approach of the new year. If the pain relief helped then that is a comfort. I'm afraid that I cannot remember how old she is - :oops: - but I hope that her knee begins to feel better soon. DD
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