Can you help me with diagnosis?

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I'm a 26 years old female, I'm having pain (from mild to moderate) in my joints and muscles (ankle, knee, wrist, arm, and pelvic area); some times I have slight pain in my fingers too.

The pain is worse in the morning, I am unable to go to work many times. It's also bad at night before sleeping , and it gets worse with cold weather, driving, or doing any sort of normal activity. Sleeping , and sitting in hot tub makes it a bit better.

The pain started when I was 17 , as burning pain in my ankles and knees - and now the pain feels like joint burning and muscle aches, without swelling. In addition, I feel exhausted most of the time even if I'm not feeling any pain ,and I find it hard to concenrate.

My Urine Analysis, Complete Blood Picture, X-Rays on legs, Liver function tests(SGPT(ALT),SGOT(AST)), Serum Creatinine, Blood Urea, Serum Calcium came normal . My ESR blood test came as 20 mm/hr first hour and 42 mm/hr second hour.

What I'm I suffering from ,I went to the doctor still no diagnosis, I feel this is affecting my social life, marriage, and work.


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    Hi Lee
    I'm sorry you are struggling, welcome to the forum. I'm afraid we can't really help with a diagnosis as we are all patients on here, not professionals. It sounds as if your doctor is working to try and find a diagnosis. Bloods and other diagnostic tests do not always give the answer. I wonder if it is worth going back to your doctor and asking to be referred on to a specialist, possibly a rheumatologist, if you haven't already. If you have, it may be worth asking what the future options are regarding treatment and diagnosis rather than just seeking a diagnosis. One thing a lot of us find useful is keeping a diary of our symptoms so that we can better explain to medics what is occurring - sometimes the patterns and stuff that such a record show up can help with treatment. Sorry I can't offer more help, what we can offer here is much support. You aren't the first person to find that living with pain can cause problems in other areas of your life and we will be here to help you cope with that, offering experience, advice and support which can often make it all more bearable.

    LV xx
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    Hello leel10 and welcome from me, too. LV has given you some good info there. She is quite right. We can't do diagnoses: we can only say that it sounds as if it could be arthritis but I expect it could also be other things. What did your GP say? Has he prescribed anything?
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    Hello and welcome from me too. Arthritis is a tricky beast to diagnose and we are not the people to do it. We have it, we live with it, we understand it and know our stuff about it but we are not medically trained. Do you keep a diary of your symptoms, what helps or aggravates, tiredness levels etc? Doing this over a period of about a month may help to give your GP a more rounded picture of what is going on with you. There are many things that it could be and many more that it couldn't, but we cannot help by telling you what we think it might be. I wish you well, please keep plugging away for an answer and let us know how you get on. I wish you well. DD
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    Welcome to the forum from me as well.
    Wer can't daignose....sorry....we aren't medics. Only have our own experiences.
    Your doc does sound as if he is trying but if I were you I would ask for a referral to a specialist and see what happens.
    Sometimes we do have to dig our heels in where medics are concerned and do a bit of pushing.
    Do you keep a pain diary....that is a good thing to do over a period of a few months.
    Good luck

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    Hello and welcome! Glad you've found our lovely little forum.

    I agree the diary idea is a good one. It doesn't have to be a big deal - just a few notes and maybe a pain rating. It helps you see patterns and also find out what makes you worse, what helps, what time of time you cope best etc.

    You say you've seen a doctor, was this a rheumatologist? If not, it sounds like that may be the next step.

    All the best and we are here for you if you need anything.
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    It does sometimes take a while to get a proper diagnosis from the medics. Some people can go a very long time until a diagnosis as made.
    In the mean time you should be getting treatment for your symptoms, such as pain medication to help you feel more comfortable, even if you do not yet have a name for your problem.
    Please do not give up. Your gp can refer you for further hospital tests based on your symptoms, as others have mentioned.
    Try and be kind to yourself and not get too anxious about it all. What you have described is very hard to live with whether it has a name or not.
    We all feel for you and know exactly how you are feeling. You are not alone, please go back to your gp and ask for a referral to a consultant such as Rheumatologist and let us all know how you get on.
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    Hi Lee I also agree with the advise of a diary I am also quite new to this and had tests done that came back clear but was still suffering and felt like I was living at my GP's and with the good advice from people on here I finally have my first appointment with a Rhumatologist in a few weeks so I know like most of us on here how difficult it can be, mine is in my hands mostly and I struggle everyday to use them.I would just keep on with your GP to get a referral if he has tried everything that would be the best way to go Good Luck x

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