What to expect from thr surgery

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Sorry I've not been about currently in the process of swapping over broadband providers and relying on a very intermittent 3G signal from O2! Coupled with christmas and a bad oa flare up!

I hope everyone had a lovely christmas!

My question today is can someone who has had a thr give me a full rundown of the surgery how they felt and the recovery afterwards, even though its a little way off for me yet 5 or less years to be exact depending on the results of a deep hip injection and an MRI! I just need to get a good idea of what to expect as we have to plan what's going to happen as I'm a stay at home mum with a 3 and 1 year old! My husband leaves at half 7 and is back at 5 he can take 5 weeks off work maximum for the year and we have little to no family support :/

Many thanks in advance



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    I'll tell you what I can remember....others will come on as well.

    Firstly if you read the topic {its a sticky} about tips for going into hospital.
    That was for a hip resurfacing....it will give you a load of info.

    Make sure everything is at the right height before you go in. {no bending}
    Different Health Authorities ill work differently i suppose
    I had a pre op Assessment.
    Then about 6 of us that were having THRs had a meeting with a physio who talked us through what would happen, gave us some exercises to do pre op and answered any questions.
    The next thing was meeting an OT in a mock kitchen and bathroom.
    She went through all the things that were on offer for after the op and checked out what she thought i would need and ordered them there and then.
    Get your hair done :wink: have it at a manageable length if possible because bending is a no no for 6 weeks. Stock up with dry shampoo for inbetween times. :wink:
    You say your husband wont always be there. I got a trolly from the OT for the 6 weeks which meant I could go into the kitchen and make a cup of coffee, put it on the trolly and push it back to where i had left my sticks then get my sticks.
    You will be given 2 sticks or 2 crutches...it varies.
    Clear a small table/trolly {not the OT one} to keep beside you and have everything on that so that you dont have to get up and down all the time {at the beginning of the 6 weeks}
    Get your husband to leave you a flask and sandwiches and biscuits :wink:
    when he is out.
    The actual operation....I went in of Friday, had the op that day and came out on Monday.
    I had a spinal block {as anaesthetic} and apart fron the fact that they couldnt get it in the right place to start with it was OK....but thats because i have kypho scoliosis {A C shaped curve in my spine} that made it difficult.
    All I can say is ask again......if anything pops into your head just put a post in.
    Do read that thread at the top of the page.

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    Thank you Lolabilly. I had a very good Christmas and I hope you did too.

    Now then, THRs. I have two but, if yours are about 5 years away, I wouldn't personally be bothering yet about what will happen. All hospitals seem to have different ways of going about things and even the same hospital changes its practices.

    All I'd really stress is to keep the muscles as strong as possible before you go in as that will aid recovery. AC produce a booklet on exercises and another on surgery. As for how you'll cope afterwards - the Occupational Therapists make sure you can manage and provide any necessary aids such as grabbers, raised loo seats, even a commode if needed. The rest is basic common sense tailored to how you live your life.
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    hello lola
    Hileena has given you some good advice, but like SW says I wouldn't go worrying to much yet, things are changing all the time, maybe in 5 years things will be done differently, and thank you .I had a lovely Christmas I hope you did x
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    Thank you everyone for your advice :) I'm such a worrier :( I'm worried about it all really :( I'm even worrying myself about the hip injection thing silly I know!

    Happy new year :)


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