Enbrel and Sinus problems

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Can anyone who has been on Enbrel for some time give me any advice about Sinus problems brought on by the use of it?
I had an ear infection in November for which i had Anti b`s and although my GP has said the infection has gone now, i am still having daily headaches, nausea,my ears feel blocked and i feel just plain ill. :(
I have made a new appointment to see the Dr. but it`s not until January 9th.
If this is going to be a side effect of Enbrel, what happens?
Do they give you something to counteract it or do they stop the drug?
Thanks for any replies
Happy New Year everyone


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    I'm not on enbrel and never have been but I just wonder if this might help. My son (who doesn't have arthritis), many years ago, got flu and a sinus infection. I can't remember which way round it was now but one of them prolonged the symptoms of the other for weeks and it took another course of anti-bios to clear it.
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    Whenever I have an infection that requires anti-bs I usually need at least two weeks' worth to fully shift the infection and I stop the immuno-suppressants too (on the advice of my hospital). DD

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