Plantar Fasciitis (foot pain)

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hi all
does any one out there suffer from this,
ive had it for about 8-9 years now
most of the pain (when i was working ) comes about midday.
but often all day.(not to bad in mornings) or in bed (resting).
nasty sharp pain (in my case) all of bottom of foot working with ladders
didnt help. some days more often than not i was walking about like man of 99 and just had to stop moving ,to rest. not working now can rest them.mike26 :?


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    Yes I've had it, and have 2 steroid injections in each foot, insoles for the heel are the best for support and I think you can get some kind of stretch thing for when you go to bed.

    Wendy x
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    I've had this, it's like standing on a spike. My orthotic insoles have helped and I think the daily diclofenac does too because I haven't had a blast of it for a while now. DD
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    I have had this and it was a nuisance. I was advised by physio to put a bottle of water in fridge, then when cool, roll under foot, back and forth to break up the inflammation. It helped and I know others have been told the same thing.
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    Hello Mike
    I had this at the very beginning of getting I do feel for you...I was given stretching exercises to do. and injections..they worked a treat for a short while...then one morning I got out of bed and it had disappeared...I do hope it clears up for you very soon must be agony climbing ladders take care

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