Advice really needed - don't know what to do :(

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Hi, my name is Hannah and I am 20 years old. I used to use this forum a lot when I was about 14 through to 17ish, but stopped for a while. I was diagnosed with JIA at the age of 14 (officially) and since then (sad to say it) but that is kind of my life now. My health has just got worse and worse since about that age, and now suffer from a huge amount of different conditions.
Because of these and having always been quite an ill person, I have had a lot of time off of work. My employers have been good with me, and I have worked with them for 3 years so they know exactly what I am like and how ill I can be. They are normally really good with me and my colleges are very understanding and caring. I work in a pharmacy as a dispenser, but recently again have had a flare up that has caused me to have to go back to my wheelchair, hence why I am now off of work, and have been since August. I tried my hardest, when the flare up started I would go into work on crutches and sit on a stall all day in so much pain I would go home crying. It got to the point where I was making myself more ill trying to get into work and without even realising and not wanting to listen to the people closest to me I did end up a lot worse. Now not really being able to do anything for myself, my recently new :) fiance has to do everything for me. Although work has always been good with me, for some reason, (think it may have something to do with pressure from bosses high up) they are now making my work situation very hard, and I have absolutely no idea what to do, or where to look for help.
I think that today was the final straw for them, when I had to hand in another 'sick' note saying I could not work for at least another month.
I love my job and really miss it, so do not want them to sack me, I have no idea if there is anything I can do to stop this happening, as all of my colleges want me back and are fighting to keep my role open for me, but my manger is applying more pressure and I think is trying to get rid of me now.

If there is any one who has any ideas of what I could or should do, or would be willing to just simply have a little chat with me I would be so so grateful. I feel so alone and down about this, and am really worried about the money side of life too. If anyone knows of anything I may be entitled to financially also that would be a great help.

Anyone open to just have a chat would be so so helpful.

Thankyou for listening :)

Hannah x


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    Hannah think you should speak to cab, they could maybe advise you. x

    I know what you mean struggling at work. Some days it's a total effort and head bosses don't care about anything but profits. I work for a superstore and I've been off sick since end of August. Sick line up January but they asked could I not go back in December as it's busier. I had hip arthroscopy end November, I really wasn't up to it.

    Hope you sort it. x

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    Hi Hannah, So sorry to read of your plight. Well done on having kept going for so long anyway.
    I guess that a lot of firms are feeling the pinch right now and "carrying" those that are not of great benefit to the firm may be proving to be somewhat of a hazard at this time. However, as you say, they have been very good to you up to now so don't take it too hard when and if that time to leave does arrive.
    Speaking to CAB is a good idea, I have found them extremely helpful in the past too.
    I do feel that you would benefit from not pushing yourself into doing what you think perhaps is a necessity but accept that your life has changed somewhat and deal with things from a new angle...after all, everything is not lost but it's just time to take a different road and ease up on yourself.
    I do hope you will find a better peace of mind and get a solution to your predicament.
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    Speaking to CAB sounds like a good idea, how did you contact them, in person or over the phone? I don't really think that I would be able to go in person at the moment on my own, but is it possible to speak to someone from there over the phone?

    I know that a lot of firms are feeling the pinch at the minute and that is why I understand that they are doing what they are doing to me at the moment, just finding it hard I suppose as really want to hold on to this job, a) because I love it and b) because its my first really job, ive been there for 3 years and am in the middle of a big training program/course. Its just hard I suppose to come to terms with the fact that I may lose it, and all because of something that is not my fault and that I can not change :(

    Only thing is, is it better to walk myself and give them my notice, or should I wait and see what they decide (which from what they have been saying to me lately is getting rid of me) and then let them get rid of me? I really dont know what is for the best.

    Think it looks like Monday is going to now consist of me ringing the arthritis care helpline and also trying to get in touch with someone from CAB, to see if I can try and get some idea of what to do, and see if they can help.

    Thanks :)
    Hannah x
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    Hi Hannah
    I rang CAB they made me an appointment to go see them its much easier face to face & they are really helpful
    You can take someone with you
    Take care
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    Oh Marie

    Its so wrong you should have to go through this, I know employers have to look at it in a different light but it gets to me when genuine people with a genuine illness suffer due to it and lets face it all these rules and regs are there to stop micky takers, but in my job it doesnt stop them as they dont care anyway. I too am worried about my job but trying to put it on back burner as I now realise its getting correct diagnosis and treatment for me thats more important and I have discussed with hubby what we may have to do If I can no longer work as we may lose our home, its odd how something like this puts your life in prospectus. I dont care now If I lose the home it will hurt but its the least of our worries as long as I have my hubby and daughter I dont care where I live.

    Wendy xx