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Hi i am looking for ANY advice or help anyone can give me, it will all be greatly appreciated
at the start of November 2012 my partner found out he had Psoriatic Arthritis(a pretty severe case) and he had to have 8 weeks off from his full time job-he was only entitled to 8 weeks as he only started his job in October 2011, and he's gone back to work this morning a wreck as he knows he's not well enough to go back!
He would stay off work longer but what would we do for money?
What would we be best doing as we have no idea what he would be entitled to benefits wise?

i am so scared and i don't know what to do incase we are penalised
MANY thanks


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    Hello vicks and welcome to the forum. Your poor man! What an awful predicament to be in! I haven't personally been part of the workforce for years, owing to my RA, but his plight sounds urgent and things can be a bit slow on here so why not ring our Helplines (Number at top of page)? I'm sure they could point him in the right direction.
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    I would have thought that he would be eligable for SSP ( satuary sick pay) and possible income support as well if he has to support a family too. SSP would come via employer I do not know about income support I would start with the Benefits and Work site and see what that throws up.
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    Hiya, I agree with lululu you should be entitled to something. There is a good website the CAB use for there benefit checking, i'm sure you could find a benefit checker online.
    Hope you find out soon and he gets the help and support he obviously needs. xx
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