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Hi All, just popped in to say hi to everyone who knows me and also to those who dont :lol:

I've been having a bit of an AC break and been trying to sort things out in my personal life. First with nasty neighbours, then with selling house and contiuing with the pain n meds and doc app and hosp app.

Well i'm due to move soon we hope, we keep saying this and have decided we either move to the house we like or just sell n travel the world.
Thats what I would love to do and **** the work, bills rubbish and when you spent the money get a house rent paid for and support to live in it. well i'm not getting any help from the gov now and have begun to think this way. It is the wrong way I say to myself, but then **** it ive paid in long enough.
Anyhow thats not happening cos O/H wants stability and her home comforts. Maybe its cos im going to be turning 40 in 12 days time, yes and counting.I havent a clue what im expecting but am not really looking forward to it.
Well this hello i'm back turned into a bit of a one, sorry for that.

Hope all as well as can be expected.

BIG HUGS ((((((((xx))))))))
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    Hello you! It's nice to hear from you again, I'm sorry that things aren't that good for you at the moment and I hope that the move goes well. Forty is only a number - it's attitude that counts. :wink: DD
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    But CJ you only have another 27 years to work and then you can go travelling :lol:
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    Hello and it's lovely to see you again. It sounds as if you've had a lot of upheaval so let's hope the move goes smoothly and you can soon settle down to a less fraught life.

    As for the globe-trotting. I know people who've done it as youngsters and others who do it as pensioners. You seem to be caught in the middle :wink:
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    Hi Stranger!! Welcome back, Don't worry about turning 40 I'm hitting 40yrs old this year in March as well so we can either hate it or enjoy it! I've said to my OH I want to be away for it! I have the same mind set as you! If I could I would travel the world, drink it all in the different cultures and see the world in all it's splendour! I went to Kenya on my 18th Birthday with the OH a present from my mom, we went on safari ( I wasn't too bad then I could walk ok) it was amazing I'm so pleased I got to do that. But it's things like that I'm glad I can say I did because it's a once in a life time thing. If you get the chance you grab by the horns and do. You only have one life CJ and while you have reasonable health is the best time to travel, cause when your health starts to fail is not a good time to travel and the chance has passed you by!
    Glad to see you back!!
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    Hello Clare
    Its lovely to have you back with us,I was wondering how you had got on with the move, I do hope that things work out for both of you.
    Has for turning 40...I just wish I was...63 this year..I would say do whatever you need and want to do....wish I had...the one piece of advice I was given and didn't take was you always regret the things you didn't do.
    You take care.....xx
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    HEY CLARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    welcome back my girl :D

    lovey to see you and this time you'd better STAY :wink:


    Toni xx
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    Thanks everyone :)

    I will be keeping in touch, ok i will try xx

    Clare xxeyeore-1.jpg