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Although I say I'm new, I did join the forum a while ago, when it was thought I had RA. Since then have been diagnosed as having FM but also have severe spinal osteoarthritis and altho the Fibro forum is OK, I need some specific advice on the matter of having an Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion at C5/6. I have tried everything else the specialists had to offer (Physio, exercise, steroid painkilling injections etc) but have had to finally admit defeat and agree to their first suggestion of having the op. Unfortunately the waiting list is over a year and my symptoms are getting rapidly worse (Numbness and tingling of hands & face) but culminating in a fall from a kick stool at work on Monday, which the GP suggests was due to impaired nerve signalling to the brain causing dizziness.
Do any others on this forum have experience of similar symptoms or have had the operation? The GP did agree to write to the consultant and plead my case as she said the longer I wait, the more possibility there is of permanent and irreparable nerve damage. I shouldn't have put it off for so long in the first place but wanted to try all other possibilities first. :(


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    Hello - I remember you and it's nice to hear from you again, albeit with less-than-good news. I know of at least three of people on here who have had neck operations, two we haven't heard from for a while so one would hope that they are doing OK; whether their ops were like the one you appear to need, well, I couldn't say. May I suggest doing a search on the LWA part of the forum? If there are relevant threads they will appear.

    Quite a few on here have fibro so I am sure you will find a freindly ear or two if needed: the rest of us can empathise with the general trickery of life even if our conditions don't match yours. I wish you well and I hope someone on here will be able to help. Take care. DD
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