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Hi everyone. I am a 22 year old male who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis since November 2011. I had been going to see doctors since I was 16 and no one believed me but thinking back I think it started when I was a lot younger.

I have deformities in my hands and wrists which are also the worst in terms of pain, pain in my jaw (which I can't open properly), elbows, shoulders, back, knees, ankles, feet and toes.

Anyway, I'm on steroids, Hydroxyquine(anti-malarial immune suppressant) and anti-TNF injections. I tried Methotrexate but it had a severe reaction on me. I've been on the biological injections for about 3 months but I'm not sure if they're working yet. I've been told not to exercise but I really want to, my knees are getting weak and my muscles are wasting away from lack of exercise which really upsets me, especially as I used to be quite active. My knees frequently lock out place which causes me extreme pain.

I'm feeling really frustrated at the moment about my health. I don't have anyone to talk to about it who actually understands. I just really wanted to talk to some other people with similar experiences and my age (male or female).

Don't know if I'm allowed to post my facebook or email on here but would be really good to talk to someone so send me a message or reply here. I'm in the south-east (Kent) so if anyone knows of any support groups for younger people?

Thanks all :)


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    Hi rubixcube. It looks like our young people are all busy being fit and active right now so I thought I'd step in and say any time you want some answers you're very welcome on LWA. Not all of us are ancient (though I am :) ). We do get young people migrating over there too.

    I, too, started with RA at 15, and probably had it at 11. I take methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine and they work well for me. It must be very frustrating being told not to exercise. No-one ever told me that, only to be very gentle and careful when flaring. Dare I hope things might have improved a bit for you since you posted?
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    hi, I have juvenile RA had it for 3 years now and always happy to chat with anyone who is in need of a chat, Regarding your annoyance about not being able to do exercise, has anyone ever suggested swimming to you? its supposed to be an okay sport to do because it doesn't put too much strain on your joints, its all I ever get told to do :lol: