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I have had RA for about 4 yrs and have been taking mobic (NSAID). I recently started on sulfazine 4 months ago and my ears mildly ring. Has anyone had hearing problems, etc with this drug?


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    Yes, mine do. I've been on sulph for ten years and I guess mine have been ringing for about five, maybe six. It doesn't bother me until bed time, if it's very noticeable for some reason then I plug myself into my MP3 until my eyes close. Ringing in the ears is listed as a common side-effect. DD
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    Hello kimmyh. It's good to meet you. I have RA too but I take meth and hydroxy, not sulph. I don't know how big a problem this is for you but please don't think of taking yourself off them without sorting something out with your rheumatologist. Do you have a rheumatology helpline number to ring?
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    I have a feeling it's on the list of possible side effects for hydroxy too Sticky :( and a few others folks on here might take.

    I have had it anyway for years (tinnitus) and like DD can ignore it 90% of the time.

    Kimmy - I have to agree with sticky and suggest you take some advice on this one to be on the safe side; sulfasalazine can be an effective medication for so many people.


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    Taken it for many many years and only recently noticed the ringing!...maybe its a combination of a few other thing rather that solely the sulfa!

    My husband works with someone who's wife needed to go the the doctors because the ringing in her husbands ears was so loud she could hear it!!!!! and it was keeping her awake!!! :o:lol::o

    Made me laugh when I heard this....some people hey?