Appealing for Help, information, google is NOT my friend :-(

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Hi Everyone,

My 13 year old son has been recently diagnoised with
and possibly connective tissue disease, however awaiting bloods!

He also has
Severe Asthma
a wee touch of eczema

Our emergency appointment was in JUST days before christmas, and his consultant (who is lovely, and very education focused) whilst scanning him discovered tumours.... Her words were oh my, this isnt good, there are tumours here and called her registrar in and another Dr.

My son in turn looked at me and said what does that mean, I burshed it off saying it could be cysts, however he said she would have stated cysts, not tumours.

I rang the hospital last week, to see if any results were in, and the Drs PA, told me that his Bloods need to be done again, I asked why, and she told me that something may have happened to them, or they may have had a contamination, or indeed something could have happened in the lab! She asked me to ring back on Monday past so that she could update me further. I rang on monday, and she was off :-( i rang today and she is still off, but apparently will be back this Monday coming!

My Son is allergic to ibuprofen, diclofenac sodium and a range of other anti inflammatories :-( His chest tightens within 30 mins :-(

Oun next appointment is on the 30th Jan, but he is in so much pain, his hands are swollen, he can hardly bend his fingers, his knuckles are purplish/black. His knee is swollen and sore, and one of his toes is quite inflammed, and hot to touch.

My heart is broken for him, he is overthinking things, he said the other night, he has all the A's Asthma, Aspergers and Arthritis the B's were starting now too, as he got braces on the 14th December the next letter is C, poor pet cried and through sobs said mummy i dont want to get C**cer.... My son just fell apart, and I did too, not infront of him tho.

Today, we went to see our GP, who prescribed paracetamol, 0ne 4 times a day. I spoke to him about the pain, and my son also told him he had a sore ear, so the Dr looked in his ear, and he said, ach poor you, your not having a good time at the minute, my son said to him, nothing is going good for me, everything bad seems to happen to me.

I am torn, do i say, come on, we can deal with it, it will be rough until we know exactly whats going on. Or do i seek some sort of professional help?


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    Oh lordy, lordy, your poor lad and poor you too. I am so sorry, I too have a history of asthma and eczema which led to other stuff but, please, do not google. Google is a 'friend' for the hypochondriac which isn't us, or your lad, we know what we're up against and can empathise with both you and your boy.

    I've had a tough day, I am very tired but I hope to be of more use to you tomorrow. I think you would be right in saying that OK, this is tough but we will get through it - that's what my Mum used to say to me and she was right. Hang on in there, livinginhope, because where there is life there is hope. I am thinking of you both. DD
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    Sorry, I can't give you any answers but just wanted to say hang in there. You are both going through a terrible time at the moment but hopefully your GP can help on Monday. Please take care. You and your son could be in for a rough ride but I'm sure you will come out the other side. We are here if you need to talk.
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    I was moved to tears reading your sons ailments the poor thing. The one thing I would suggest is if he is in a lot of pain contact one of his nurses or speak to his consultant, they may be able to try and get him in a tad earlier.

    I really hope that it isn't The big C. As applerose said we are all here if you need to talk.

    Michelle xxx
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    I too was moved to read this, I feel for you both so much. I also do not have any answers but to let you no you are in my thoughts.

    The only thing I thought of us could you not go into A+E for pain relief it may get you to consultant quicker!

    Stay positive

    Sending Luv your way

    Julie xxx