Daughter's barge trip

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Sometime before Christmas I posted that as part of my daughter's Christmas present I had paid for her and her boyfriend to enjoy a cruise on one of the old barges moored at Maldon in Essex. We stood on the prom yesterday and waved them off as they sailed away into the distance on the 1903 Hydrogen. And boy, was it cold :shock: . Thankfully it was a clear day and so the views were good. When they arrived back in Maldon they went below and had a very welcome hot lunch of bangers and mash, followed by jam roly poly and custard. I should think they needed it!

They both enjoyed the day and I think my daughter's feet have now thawed out :lol: .

The snow is coming our way today - I don't like it!

Janet xx


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    I remember you telling us about the barge trip. Sounds as if they had a wonderful day even though it was so cold. I always think it's part of the enjoyment coming in to the warm and having a lovely hot meal after being half frozen.
    Snow was due here either yesterday or today. No sign of it yet. I'm thinking it's maybe a bit too cold at the moment. 0 degrees. I'm going to my son's this afternoon and we're taking the dog for a walk. We were hoping there would be a bit of snow for her to enjoy.
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    That sounds a really good day out Janet, something I have always wanted to do was go on a barge holiday but have never got round to it, was snowing here at 5 o clock this morning but hasn't come to much and what was lying has now melted x
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    we got a little glad they had good trip but think i would choose summer
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    Yes, I would love to try a barge holiday as well. And regarding the snow, you should be able to let me know because I am further down than you. Fingers crossed it doesn't.
    Karen xx
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    Oh that sounded lovely :)

    They wont forget that prezzie in a hurry will they?

    Now I did do a barge holiday one year - Norfolk Broads with 1st husband - pictured myself sunbathing on the deck, glass of wine in hand.....

    ended up covered in Mud, soaked, devoid of dry clothes and exhausted with all that lock-opening :lol:

    That'll 'learn' me :wink:


    Toni xxx
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    I'm glad they enjoyed their day out.

    I have also been on a barge holiday. It was a long time ago, there were 8 of us onboard. Can't remember what exactly, but we had engine trouble of some sort and we were slowly sinking. My OH decided to propose. :o Thought it was romantic. And I said "yes"!!! Mmmmmm. We will celebrate our 34th anniversary in March!

    He still thinks it was romantic. Only person who ever has! :lol: :roll:

    Susie :D
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    Janet I do love canal boats...we used to go with some neighbours when we were kids....I would love to own one or even live on it...Im glad they had a good time x