sleepy day

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hi all

well i had a good rest today must of been all that exerciseing, :lol:
must admit tho i didnt plan to,
i just couldnt stay awake kept nodding of.
it seems that when i take my methotrexate it sends me to la la land.

mike26 :roll: :roll: ...


  • wall1409
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    At least while you sleep you wont be in pain so thats a bonus. Pleased its helping you.

    Wendy x
  • barbara12
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    Mike your body heals while you make the most of it..and don't go over doing things when the tiredness goes.... or else x
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    Mike, I sometimes have days when I feel shattered for no reason. I call them my 'meth' days because it's always the day after I take my meth or the day after that. I just accept them as 'the new normal' :roll: They don't happen all the time and actually not very often now but they are always a Friday or Saturday. (I take my meth on Thursdays.)
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  • villier
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    Thats good Mike at least your body is resting when your sleeping I'm sure we all have a med that makes us feel like that...........Marie x
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    Hope you are feeling ok though Mike on the MTX otherwise?

    I tend to agree with the others - sleep can be healing.....Zzzzzzz


    Toni xx
  • constable
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    Hi Mike

    Glad you had a good sleep today, as already said, sleeping is the best thing. No pain when asleep.

    I must admit that I only suffer OA, but there are days, well quite often that I cant keep my eyes open. So good, that you gave in to it.
    Karen xx