Great News

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Hi to everyone who has been following my Ill Health Retirement progress
Ive got it :D tier 1 And im so happy it has been a long haul and very distressing. :D
I want to thank you all because without your support & positive vibes I would not have got through all of this
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
Best wishes
xx :D:D:D


  • lazicat
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    thats wonderful, congratulations x
  • lululu
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    Great news, well done, and welcome to the ESA and DLA system it is great fun :roll:
  • stickywicket
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    Well done, Maria! That's excellent news. :D
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    Oh, that's fantastic - it was worth the battle (yes?) and well done for sticking at it. DD
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  • maria09
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    Thank you all
    The last four years at work were Grimm
    Thankfully I had a great occupational health doctor who helped me through it
    Plus the support of my family friends GP and orthopaedic consultant got me through the this as well as the support on here I don't think I would have been so strong
    I'm heading for 50 this year so hopefully life begins at 50 as my 40s were not good years
    Keep well
  • ritwren
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    Maria I'm delighted for you and sorry I'm only posting now. I hope you are well and getting some enjoyment out of not having to cope with the stress of work on top of everything else.
    Big hugs, hope your day goes well. Rita.
  • maria09
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    Thank you Rita
    Hope you are doing ok