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Hi Im 47 had OA for some time in left ankle/foot took year and half to find right meds because of bad stomach problems with earlier meds (anti inflammatory) but all ok since.
But in Late oct 2012 had bad pain which came on over 3 days in stomach and side of ribs went to GP who thought kidney stones so ordered ultra sound Xrays plus because im a large built man some physio in an attempt maybe to strenghten muscle if the results from scan and xray showed nothing that might cause pain, results came back scan nothing, xray nothing. So off to physio i go, I must say i never had much faith in physio but to my surprize and in the end shock she found my thoracic spine was fused solid and gave me some exercises to do, with another appointment in a weeks time. The week passed but the pain increased in the ribs and a new more worring pain in the mid spine. On going to see the physio again she and her deptment manager after just looking at my face could see there was something not right and after gently feeling the spine desided something was amiss and sent me back to my GP, but did say that the pain else where in my ribs and stomach was probably nerve pain caused by compressed vertebra (root pain) i think they said. long story but question is the pain in my ribs real or is it possible nerve as surgested?My GP very busy and cant get to see her for nearly 2 weeks. pain level high with spasms in back going up sides of spine. should i seek ealier Gp appointment?


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    Dear Pug 65,

    Welcome to Chat to Helplines. Sorry to hear about this situation. It sounds difficult for you to be in pain and waiting to see the Dr when there's quite a lot that is not yet resolved. We can't give you individual advice, but are very much here to let you describe things and be listened to. We'll share options and try and support you while you think things over.

    If your pain is severe and there are difficulties making a GP appointment, you might be able to have a telephone appointment to talk over your pain control. If the GP judges that you need to be seen then they may be able prioitise you. If you've not yet had a referral to a consultant led service (e.g. a musculoskeletal service or orthopaedics) that's something that the GP can sort out for you. It can make a difference if they flag it as urgent, or you are able to take a cancellation.

    I wonder whether you'd like us to send you some general information? If you would or would like to talk over your situation you are welcome to come back to us here, or ring us on the Free phone.

    I'm sure other forum members will be able to offer ideas, and you might find it helpful to say hello to people on the Living with arthritis forum.

    Do Private Message us with your name and address if you'd like a pack of information about this.

    I hope that is helpful

    Kind regards

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    Thanks for reply.
    Called Gp this morning about pain and not being able to sleep and was called back shortly after and given an appointment for this coming tuesday plus a minor change to current meds that i take, increase my Meloxicam to 15mg and a new percription for a low dose diazepam 2mg to help reduse muscle spasm. A appointment or referral to Orthopaedic support service has also been made after the report from the physio arrived at GP on Monday. For reference i also take co- codamol 30/500 and pantoprazole 20mg for stomach. As the codeine makes me sleepy adding Diazepam should make the difference to getting some rest! Thankyou again for you help and support. I and all users of this site would be lost without you. Thankyou