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Oh and I have been to our sons to look after the grandchildren for five days as mum and dad had work commitments,very cold doing the school run.
One evening getting their tea ready my granddaughter (9) asked why it was taking so long to peel the veg to which I replied I have arthritis and explained (hopefully) about it,oh she said mum told us about that and we had to help if you needed it,but granny I wish you didn't have it which was followed by a big hug and left me in bits,I feel honoured to have a grandchild like that.Mig


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    Oh Mig they are so lovely of the little sweetheart ... know wonder you are proud xx :D
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    arr mig
    out the mouths little jems arnt they, my granddaughters just over 2
    and getting to know all.. :lol: she said the other day grandad u sit there ill do it... hahaha little tresure as if i could get up in time shes running circles around me! :lol::lol: what would we do with out um ..mike26 :wink:
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    Aw, isn't that wonderful? The sweetheart.
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    Ah bless her! How simple and to the point!
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    Ah Bless her Mig :D

    don't you just love kids?

    That's what life is about isn't it?

    Love and ((()))

    Toni xxx