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Hi Everyone,
This is my first time contacting you so hope you can help.
Isuffer from RA and 10 weeks ago had an ankle fusion which went ok, my problem is that i can't use the crutches because i have 2 replacement wrists and found the crutches difficult so i hired a wheelchair to get around, my problem now is that i'm experiencing back and hip pain especially in bed at night. I have never had problems with back or hip pain before, could it be related to long periods of sitting, and is there anything i can do to help? I would appreciate some advice.


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    Hi Ruthie1. I'm not a member of the Helpline team, just an ordinary forum member. I'm sure the Helpline team will be along tomorrow to help you.

    I'm glad your fusion went well. I haven't had one but I've had knees and hips replaced and I, too, was unable to use crutches as I also have RA in hands, elbows and shoulders. I was always given a gutter frame as I could lean on it and it takes a fair bit of weight off the legs but perhaps you need to keep all the weight off an ankle after a fusion.

    I've no medical knowledge but, if you're propelling yourself in the wheelchair, might that account for the new aches and pains? You would possibly be using different muscles to normal.

    I wonder why they didn't let you borrow a wheelchair rather than your having to hire one. Why not get back to your hospital's physio or Occupational Therapist for advice?
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    Hi Ruthie1

    In addition to all that stickeywicket has said, I am wondering whether the chair you are sitting in has a good supportive cushion or are you sitting on a sagging canvas. If you are sitting on a sagging canvas seat that may be part of the problem re your hips and back as a sagging seat inverts hips and provides little or no support, particularly if you are in it most of your waking day at the moment. As you said sitting for long periods will also affect all your joints.

    Also as stickeywicket said if it is a manual chair and you are self propelling you will most definitely be using muscles you don't normally use and also the rocking motion will affect the back and hips. Considering the fact you've had wrist replacement it would definitely be a good idea to talk to a physio and OT.

    Best wishes