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hi im william im age 20 and this is my consern.

i been going back and thorth the gp where i live scince i was 18 with terribal back ake.

i went to see my gp just before christmas to recive my blood test results after i went complaneing about pain in my knees and back but he picked up on redness on my hands around my knuckels and wrist ( the resion i was sent for blood test ).
i had my results and he explaned to me my rheumatoid factor was extreamly high and that hes put me for fast track to see a rheumatologist.

i know athritis runs in the both sides of my family mainly in the male side due to most of the men in my family suffers from it.

so main question any advice you could give me?


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    Hi William. I'm not sure what soft of advice you want. Your GP clearly suspected some sort of auto-immune type of arthritis which is why he did the blood test and then decided to refer you to a rheumatologist. There can be a genetic link but not necessarily. If the rheumatologist says you do have an auto-immune type of arthritis he'll probably start you on some medication and it will probably mean you'll need regular blood tests. With luck, that will make a big difference to you but sometimes the first medication tried doesn't work well for that person and either it has to be changed or another one added to it. I hope it will help you quickly.
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    Hi William

    I am 22 and have arthritis and there are lots of different medications that the Rheumatologist can give you. While my arthritis had been under control I managed to study a total of 10 GCSE equivalents, 5 A level equivalents and I started my HND (which has been postponed as I am in a bad flare at present). I did have ups and downs but if you keep focused it won't effect you.

    You can still get to do whatever you want as long as you keep an open and positive mind throughout and you will succeed.

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